All sandwiches served with fries or garden salad

SCAMPI ITALIA                                                                           9.95

Ciabatta bread fried jumboshrimp,  tzatziki sauce, artichokes

in olive oil and mozzarella cheese


LAND&SEA                                                                                 9.95

Ciabatta bread with grilled jumbo shrimp, grilled zucchini,

crispy bacon and basil pesto

GYROS MEDITERRANO                                                           9.99

Pita bread with beef loaves, lettuce, fresh tomatoes,

fresh red onions and tzatziki sauce


GYROS KING                                                                            11.99

Pita bread with beef loaves, lettuce, freesh toamtoes,

fresh red onions, vlack olivs, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce

PIPPO MILANO                                                                        9.95

Ciabatta bread with grilled pepperoni, arugula  salad,

mozzarella cheese and basil pesto


FALAFEL KING                                                                         9.95

Pita bread with a mixture of ground chickpeas and fava beans,

garlic, herbs, lettuce, red onions, fresh tomatoes, tahini sauce  and exotic spices


THE DAYTONA BEACH                                                          9.95

Ciabatta bread with shredded beef sauteed in oliv e oil and

garlic, grilled mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, baby aruguka salad,

tzatziki sauce and mozzarella cheese


MARCO POLLO                                                                      9.95

Ciabatta bread with shredded chicken, sun dried tomatoes

in extra virgin oliv oil, baby arugula salad and ricotta cheese


ULTIMATE ITALIAN BURGER                                             9.95

Ciabatta bread with 1/2 lb homemade beef patty, lettuce,

fresh tomatoes, fries and mozzarella cheese


MUSHROOM BURGER                                                         9.95

Ciabatta bread with 1/2 lb homemade beef patty, grilled

red onions, grilled mushrooms, mayonnaise and mozzarella cheese